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An overview of the key drivers behind the growth of Research Data Management (RDM), current RDM related activity in academic libraries and opportunities for library and information professionals.

(July 2014)

What is Research Data Management (RDM)?

RDM is “the organisation of data, from its entry to the research lifecycle through to the dissemination and archiving of valuable results” (Whyte and Tedds, 2011).   It is undertaken to ensure the long-term value of the data and consists of a number of different activities and processes associated with the data lifecycle, which must take account of technical capabilities, ethical considerations, legal issues and governance frameworks.   When associated with digital data, these activities and processes are known collectively as digital curation

About the briefing

This briefing paper defines Research Data Management (RDM) and sets out the drivers for better RDM.  It briefly considers how academic libraries support research and the opportunities and challenges RDM presents for library and information professionals.  A brief overview of current RDM activity within libraries is included.

An overview of the key drivers behind the development and growth of open access.

(October 2014)

What is open access?

Open access is primarily about making resources (particularly scholarly literature) freely available on the internet. It has several different strands and these are explained in detail in the briefing.

About the briefing

The briefing includes a summary of arguments both for and against open access. It sets out the different routes to open access publishing and provides links to a selection of recent policy documents and statements.

A shorter version is also available.