Policy audit

This Policy audit lists all the documents produced with a professional policy focus. It covers the last three years especially, although in the case of policy statements it goes back further – the statement on intellectual freedom, access to information and censorship (2005) and the definition of information literacy (2004) continue to be the most cited and used of CILIP statements.

Policy statements

Consultation responses (Current and past 2 years)


  • A smart economy for the UK: Response to HM Government Building our industrial strategy green paper (March 2017)
  • Investing in the UK's knowledge economy: Response to HM Government Building our industrial strategy green paper (April 2017)
  • Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) Culture is digital (August 2017)




Policy Briefings and Resources 2012 – present

Briefings and resources provide a range of stakeholders including members, Trustees and staff with an introduction, overview and explanation of a topic.


  • Libraries and information services: the Post-2015 Development Agenda: a briefing for the Department of International Development (May 2015)


  • Dedicated Terminals Exception to Copyright - FAQs (June 2016)
  • Copyright Poster (Feb 2015)
  • Copyright Guidance (Jan 2015)
  • The London Manifesto (April 2015)
  • Copyright term for published and unpublished works (Oct 2014)
  • Electionwatch 2015 – General Election 2015 Manifesto commentary
  • Conservative Party/ Labour Party/ Green Party / UKIP / Lib Dems (May 2015)


  • Subscription based ebook publishing models (Oct 2014)
  • ebooks in public libraries (Oct 2014)
  • Health Libraries Group – Briefing for Annie Mauger attending HLG conference (2014)
  • Academic and Research Libraries
  • Open Access (Oct 2014)
  • Research Data Management (July 2014)
  • The Open access movement and CILIP’s response to the Finch report (July 2013)

Information Literacy

Information Management

Prison Libraries

School libraries

  • Short briefing (2013)

Public libraries

  • The Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964 (2015)
  • Public Libraries and the Human Rights Act 1998 (2015)
  • Public Libraries and the Equality Act 2010 (2015)
  • Public library legislation in the UK (Dec 2014)
  • Public library staff attitudes to work and advocacy Survey of members (Dec 2013)
  • A changing landscape: A survey of public library authorities 2012-13 (Dec 2012) 
  • Briefing on fines and charges in Public Libraries (2012)
  • Briefing on public libraries in NI (2012)
  • e-book lending in public libraries – a short note (2012)
  • Briefing on digital inclusion Oxford Internet Institute (2012)
  • School libraries factsheet (2012)
  • The Prevent Strategy What it means for library and information professionals A CILIP briefing paper (2012)

Policy Alert